Blue Apron Pt. 9

More fun with grilled cheese sandwiches!

Blue Apron recipe

I hate all salads, so I skipped making the cucumber and endive salad.

Grilled cheese sandwiches with goat cheese and jam.

Difficulty Preparing

Pretty easy




I loved it.


I'd love to have this again.


I really liked this meal.

I knew the goat cheese was going to be good before I'd even finished assembling the sandwich. The recipe called for breaking up the (soft to begin with) cheese for easier spreading, which I did, and a bit stuck to my hands, so I had to taste it. It's very flavorful cheese, and I enjoyed it very much on the sandwich, though the fact that it can't really melt (not what I'm used to with a grilled cheese sandwich) kind of confused me. Since I skipped the salad, I only had to chop the plum and half of a shallot, which made the recipe a bit simpler and faster. The shallot chopped quickly. The plum took a bit longer. Despite chopping it "roughly", it was probably the step I spent the most time on. Pitting it was very easy.

I've never made jam before, and I really enjoyed it! As instructed, I tossed the chopped plum and shallot and provided sugar in my smallest pot with some water, and waited (while stirring frequently). The plum softened up really well. I think I could have let it go a bit longer to get more mushy jam, but I think the end product (in the picture above) was fine just as it was. It paired very well with the goat cheese. Interestingly, I don't think I tasted the salt or pepper I added at all - they blended very well, as did the shallot. I thought it was interesting that salt, pepper, and a shallot were called for - I imagine the jam would have seemed too sweet otherwise.

There isn't much I can say about the actual grilling - I put together the sandwich, threw some butter in my frying pan, and grilled. As I've said before, grilled cheese sandwiches are one of my best foods. I know what I'm doing. I found it interesting that Blue Apron had me use butter here, but had me use olive oil for a previous grilled sandwich. It's possible there's some interesting flavor pairing they're trying to tease out that I completely missed. Or, either way works and they're just trying to present options. The sandwich turned out fine.

I really enjoyed this sandwich. I enjoyed making the jam. I don't plan on making more often, but I'd like to from time to time. I also need to consider more cheese varieties (I heavily favor cheddar) for my sandwiches - this goat cheese was great. I would definitely make this recipe again.