Blue Apron Pt. 8

I made some delicious noodles.

I've held on to a bunch of Blue Apron ingredients for a while, and even thrown some out because they were starting to go. Yesterday, I finally found some motivation to actually cook something for the first time in a while.

Blue Apron Recipe

The green beans and mushrooms were among the things I tossed, so they didn't make it into the meal. Oops.

Ramen with eggs.

Difficulty Preparing

Not Bad


Eh. Close enough to the picture


Very tasty!


Would definitely make again!


I mentioned last time that I've basically got the hang of chopping up veggies now, so that wasn't really a big deal. Chopping the black garlic was interesting It's very soft, and kind of came apart when I was chopping it - it left a black residue on my chopping board. I think that's supposed to happen. No surprises with the scallions or ginger. The first part of making the broth was frying the garlic, white bottoms of scallions, and ginger in oil, which, again, was real simple. They got wonderfully fragrant very quickly, which was a pleasant start to the meal. Pouring in the sauce and water to make the broth was simple, but I'm not sure I did it right. The broth tasted fine, but it tasted mostly like the soy sauce + glaze, and I didn't really taste any of the ginger/garlic in it (besides the chunks of garlic/ginger). I'd like more practice.

Nothing really exciting about the noodles. I put them in boiling water and they cooked. It's a bit hard to strain them without an actual strainer, but my sister pointed out I can use the pot and pot lid if I'm careful. I think that's what I did with my last noodles, too. The noodles were very tasty - they turned out well.

The recipe called for hard-boiled eggs, but that seemed hard, and I figured fried/over-easy eggs would work just as well. I've mostly got the hang of frying eggs, except I usually overcook them a bit on the bottom. This time, I put in a bit of water once they'd solidified a bit (like my family have been reminding me to do for a while), and made sure to flip them before they started browning around the edges, and they turned out (basically) perfectly! They were a great addition to the meal.

The kit for this meal came with sea salt, furikake (crushed+dried seaweed and sesame seeds, I'm told), and scallions for toppings. The sea salt was fine on the eggs - I always love a bit of salt. I only used a bit, so hopefully the rest will come in handy in another recipe soon. The furikake wasn't really noticeable - though it's possible I didn't use enough, - or that I'm forgetting because it's been a couple of days since I made this meal. I've got some of that left too. The green scallion tops were great here as well.

I really enjoyed this meal (as did my sister) and would love to make it again.