Blue Apron Pt. 7

I started ordering Blue Apron again.

I also forgot to set the meals for my order before it shipped, so I was real worried I'd get stuff I didn't want to eat. The meals they picked out for me seem okay, though.

Today's meal was "Muffuletta-Style Grilled Cheese Sandwiches". I've never heard of that "Muffuletta-Style" part, but grilled cheese sandwiches are one of my staples, so I had high hopes before I started.

grilled cheese sandwiches

Difficulty Preparing

The recipe called for chopped olives, celery, sweet peppers, and a vinaigrette on the bread, with provolone cheese. I ditched the peppers, and most of the olives. I'm decent at chopping stuff now, so cutting up the veggies went fairly quickly, if a bit roughly.

This vinaigrette was red wine vinegar, small diced shallot, olive oil, salt, and pepper (maybe that's most vinaigrettes? I don't really understand vinaigrettes.) I followed the steps to put it together and only used a bit on the sandwich, and it seemed... alright? No real complaints, but I can't shake the feeling I didn't put it together "correctly".

Grilling was fine. The recipe called for olive oil in the pan to toast the sandwich. I've always buttered the bread for toasted sandwiches, because that's the way my parents taught me to do it. Oil in the pan was interesting, but it seemed like it didn't soak into the bread very well and the bread didn't really toast evenly. It's possible I just need more practice. It's also possible the fact that the two sandwiches together were a bit big for my pan meant that they didn't toast as well as they could have. Oops.

Fairly quick overall. Straightforward.

Amount Meal Resembles Pictures

I threw out half the ingredients and the salad, so obviously the filling isn't going to match the picture. The cheese melted nicely, which I think makes for a good picture.

Like I said earlier, the bread didn't toast evenly. I bet with a bit of practice I could get the bread to toast nicely with olive oil, but I'll probably just skip the effort and go with butter next time. It looks close enough, I'll say.

I don't usually cut my sandwiches, but I wanted a better comparison with the picture. I think it makes for a better picture as well, which I'll keep in mind for the future.

I think this sandwich compares plenty well against the example picture. I'm certainly not embarrassed by it.


I enjoyed this sandwich. I prefer cheddar cheese on grilled cheese sandwiches (and would have used it here if I had some), but the provolone was fine.

The celery was a nice addition. I don't think it added a ton to the sandwich, but it was nice, and injected a bit of green into my diet. I didn't really notice the olive either. It probably would have helped if I'd thrown more than one in. I bet the sweet peppers would have added a bit more flavor as well, but I really don't like spicy things, even "mild" spicy things, and I was worried it would ruin the sandwich for me.

The vinaigrette added a nice punch to the sandwich - specifically, the vinegar in it. I liked that. The shallot bits kind of blended in, like the celery and olives.

I also liked the sourdough bread. I generally make sandwiches with boring white bread, but the sourdough was nice, and I think I'd use it again. I liked the flavor of it against the other flavors in the sandwich.

I enjoyed the sandwiches. I ate both for lunch.


This turned out well. A grilled cheese sandwich with a short prep/cook time was a low enough bar to get me cooking instead of ordering food. It was easy to make, but had enough wrinkles that it wasn't just the plain old cheese sandwich I've made for years. It's possible, if slightly unlikely, that I'll throw celery into future sandwiches. I also want to mess around with grilling sandwiches in oil, if only to get some more practice at it.

I'm hoping I can keep up some kind of momentum after cooking this. Cooking's rough for me because it takes time and a bit of skill, and I've gotten by with ordered food and simple items for so long. I'd like to work at it and get better and faster. I have two more meals in the current batch from Blue Apron that seem neat, so hopefully I can get through those as well. If I do cook more, it will probably end up in another blog post.

Until then, bye!