Blue Apron Pt. 6

Nonsense Part 2

Some more thrown together nonsense food.

More making food before ingredients went bad. Pizza dough with avocados, onions, tomato paste, mozzarella, and some other kind(s) of cheese I forget.

Also, I'm going to be on Blue Apron hiatus for a while. I've had my fill of making food more complicated than sandwiches for a while. I may or may not find something else to fill this space with for the meantime.

Difficulty Preparing

Fairly easy, just had to cut a bunch of things.

Amount Meal Resembles Pictures

N/A, looks like a pizza though.


It was alright. Not amazing. Avocado didn't really work out.


OK for being made up on the spot. Fairly happy with the turning dough into a pizza shape part.