Blue Apron Pt. 5

Nonsense Part 1

Some thrown together nonsense food.

I've been too lazy to make Blue Apron meals for too long and the food was starting to go bad, so I rushed to put it together and make something approaching food. Result: two eggs, jack cheese, and olive oil on baguette pieces, and corn tortillas fried with mayo and filled with jack cheese (alternatively known as really bad quesadillas).

Also this happened over a week ago and I've been way too lazy to post, oops.

Difficulty Preparing

Really easy. Hardest part was cutting off the bits of the bread that had started to mold.

Amount Meal Resembles Pictures

N/A. The eggs look like eggs, I guess?


Eggs were fine, bread was delicious (I love both bread with olive oil and bread and cheese). Tortillas were about as good as I expected (that means "not great").


Worked out pretty well for making it up as I went along.