Blue Apron Pt. 4

Adobo-Style Chicken Without Bok Choy (and rice)

Adobo-Style Chicken Without Bok Choy (and rice)

Difficulty Preparing

Not bad. My bok choy seemed like it had gone bad (I have a Blue Apron backlog at this point), so I tossed it, which made preparation a bit easier. There was a bunch of chopping to do for this meal, but I think I'm actually getting the hang of chopping veggies (without also chopping my fingers), so it wasn't that bad. I had to improvise slightly with the rice, because I had some extra from a previous Blue Apron meal and wanted to make more, but that worked out.

Amount Meal Resembles Pictures

Looks pretty good to me, except for the fact that the bok choy is missing. As far as appearance goes, the chicken and rice are the important parts here (as I see it), and I got those right.


I enjoyed this. The chicken was tasty, and the scallions added a bit of flavor to the meal. I think the sauce could have been better (to be clear, I'm laying the blame on myself here, not on the sauce itself). I think I mostly just tasted the vinegar. The rice was okay, but bland. Because I made extra, I'll be having some of that by itself in a couple days or so, so I guess we'll see how much it holds up by itself.


Pretty good!