Blue Apron Pt. 3

Triple Pork Mazemen with Roasted Garlic & Pea Tips

Triple Pork Mazemen with Roasted Garlic & Pea Tips

Difficulty Preparing

Fairly easy. Only a few veggies to chop. Most of the difficulty was the timing of cooking the various ingredients. I finished cooking the noodles before the ground beef/sauce was ready so I let them set, and they turned into one big blob. I had to chop them up again before I could mix them properly. I also didn't have aluminum foil to wrap and roast the garlic called for in the recipe, so I had to go out and buy that before I could prepare the meal

Roasting the garlic was fun, though. It turned out fairly well and was pretty easy.

Amount Meal Resembles Pictures

I think it's basically spot-on. Presentation could use a touch of work, but whatever.


I've only had one bowl as of this writing. It was pretty good! I think I might not have done the sauce right, because I don't think it really added much flavor to the meal. Pork was fine, noodles were fine, veggies weren't bad. We'll see how the rest holds up after being refrigerated. Also, I think I prefer mazemen to ramen. I've never been a fan of food you have to drink.


Not Bad ™