Blue Apron Pt. 2

Hoison & Shittake Burgers With Sweet Potato Spears

Hoison & Shittake Burgers With Sweet Potato Spears

Difficulty Preparing

Not that difficult. Lots of veggies to prepare, the mushrooms had to be soaked (and later thinly sliced), and my ground beef was in the freezer, so it had to be defrosted. That was all pretty easy, though.

Amount Meal Resembles Pictures

I think it came out right. My potato spears were a bit overdone, but I think they were fine.


I've never met a burger I didn't like, so this boded well from the start. The potato spears were alright. I would have liked cheese somewhere on the burgers, but they were fine without it. I didn't really taste the mushrooms, though I'm sure they added something.


Would eat again, would make again.