Rebuilt website!

category: Dev
tags: website

I decided to rewrite my website. I was inspired by being forced into frontend development at work, and also by this post, and also by this site. My first goal was to make my site look at least somewhat decent. I liked the old design at first, but in retrospect it wasn't very good. I think this is better - you be the judge! The blogpost styles kind of look like garbage. I'll look into that later. Maybe I'll use some markdown.

My second goal was to base the site on pure HTML5 and CSS3, no JavaScript, no legacy stuff. I didn't have much before, just some random stuff from HTML5 Boilerplate that I wasn't really using. I've cleared that out. I also redid my styles from scratch, in SCSS this time, instead of plain CSS. This made writing the styles a bit nicer, and let me use Sass to minimize the final main.css. I don't know how much of a difference that made in final size and download speed, but it made me happy.

Overall, it was fun messing with my site, again. It's mostly just sat here without any changes unless I had to correct blatant lies (my 'about' page still called me a student for a while after I graduated), or I wanted to throw random text files into the site (they're kind of like easter eggs!). I don't know if this will motivate me to work more on the site or not. I'd like to be the kind of person that does regular blog posts, but I don't know if I can motivate myself to do that. I do better sending out short thoughts I don't have to spend much time thinking about (see my Twitter). We'll see.

Thanks for reading!