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  1. Blue Apron Pt. 7

    I started ordering Blue Apron again.

    I also forgot to set the meals for my order before it shipped, so I was real worried I'd get stuff I didn't want to eat. The meals they picked out for me seem okay, though.

    Today's meal was "Muffuletta-Style Grilled Cheese Sandwiches". I've …

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  2. Cat!

    I adopted a cat! I've become comfortable enough in my Adult Life that I was sure I could properly take care of a pet. I also have been wanting a pet for a while.

    I adopted from the Nine Lives Foundation in Redwood City. I specifically adopted from them because …

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  3. Blue Apron Pt. 6

    Nonsense Part 2

    Some more thrown together nonsense food.

    More making food before ingredients went bad. Pizza dough with avocados, onions, tomato paste, mozzarella, and some other kind(s) of cheese I forget.

    Also, I'm going to be on Blue Apron hiatus for a while. I've had my fill of making food more complicated than sandwiches …

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  4. Blue Apron Pt. 5

    Nonsense Part 1

    Some thrown together nonsense food.

    I've been too lazy to make Blue Apron meals for too long and the food was starting to go bad, so I rushed to put it together and make something approaching food. Result: two eggs, jack cheese, and olive oil on baguette pieces, and corn tortillas fried …

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  5. Blue Apron Pt. 4

    Adobo-Style Chicken Without Bok Choy (and rice)

    Adobo-Style Chicken Without Bok Choy (and rice)

    Difficulty Preparing

    Not bad. My bok choy seemed like it had gone bad (I have a Blue Apron backlog at this point), so I tossed it, which made preparation a bit easier. There was a bunch of chopping to do for this meal …

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  6. Blue Apron Pt. 3

    Triple Pork Mazemen with Roasted Garlic & Pea Tips

    Triple Pork Mazemen with Roasted Garlic & Pea Tips

    Difficulty Preparing

    Fairly easy. Only a few veggies to chop. Most of the difficulty was the timing of cooking the various ingredients. I finished cooking the noodles before the ground beef/sauce was ready so I let them set, and they turned …

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  7. Blue Apron Pt. 2

    Hoison & Shittake Burgers With Sweet Potato Spears

    Hoison & Shittake Burgers With Sweet Potato Spears

    Difficulty Preparing

    Not that difficult. Lots of veggies to prepare, the mushrooms had to be soaked (and later thinly sliced), and my ground beef was in the freezer, so it had to be defrosted. That was all pretty easy, though.

    Amount Meal Resembles …

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  8. Blue Apron Pt. 1

    I'm going to try to turn this into a Blue Apron cooking blog, for lack of better ideas.

    Kimchi & Barley Miso Ramen

    Kimchi & Barley Miso Ramen

    Difficulty Preparing

    Lots of stuff to do at the same time. Lots of veggies to prepare, lots of water to boil. My stove doesn't boil water well unless …

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