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  1. rebuilt website x3

    This is probably going to be another short post, but I figure I get one of these per site rebuild.

    So, yeah, I rebuilt the site again.

    We're still all on Pelican here, so this "rebuild" is mostly the cleanup/simplify/touch-up type. The big thing is, of course, the …

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  2. Side Projects Are Fun

    I spent a lot of time on programming side projects in 2016. I'm finishing this post up in 2017 after writing the bulk of the text, so please forgive any confusing year references.

    Side Projects

    There are always things I'm tinkering with. Until recently, it's been silly scripts and my …

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  3. Zelda Revisited, Part One

    I've been a fan of Zelda games for a long time. I played other games before I picked up anything from this series, but Zelda games are still some of my earliest video game memories. I can remember a bit of Ocarina of Time I played on a cousin's N64 …

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  4. Blue Apron Pt. 9

    More fun with grilled cheese sandwiches!

    Blue Apron recipe

    I hate all salads, so I skipped making the cucumber and endive salad.

    Grilled cheese sandwiches with goat cheese and jam.

    Difficulty Preparing

    Pretty easy




    I loved it.


    I'd love to have this again.


    I really liked this meal.

    I knew the goat cheese …

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  5. Blue Apron Pt. 8

    I made some delicious noodles.

    I've held on to a bunch of Blue Apron ingredients for a while, and even thrown some out because they were starting to go. Yesterday, I finally found some motivation to actually cook something for the first time in a while.

    Blue Apron Recipe

    The …

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